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Telemarketing ‘The Best Option’ For Online Start-Ups

June 29, 2018 - By: - In: Startup - No comments

New online businesses can benefit more from telemarketing than any other method of promoting themselves, according to a newly published study. Research in the Small Enterprises Development, Management & Extension Journal (Sedme) looked at the effectiveness of a variety of advertising techniques. In the study, the research focused on promoting an online student portal, but […]

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The Myths Around B2B Telemarketing

June 22, 2018 - By: - In: Phone - No comments

Exploding the Myths Around B2B Telemarketing Telemarketing is not simply aggressive, persistent cold-calling involving young, inexperienced staff. Used as a systematic B2B marketing tool, it is highly effective. At this level, B2B telemarketing is a specialist skill, which is why, increasingly, many businesses are now outsourcing it to dedicated companies, who can conduct campaigns on […]

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