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How Telemarketing is Not What You Think it is
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Some people have fixed ideas about telemarketing and they are almost uniformly negative. But seeing it simply as a means of badgering people to buy things they do not really want and intruding on their lives is a very limited view.

The truth is, in the right context, telemarketing is a highly valuable marketing tool, employed with skill and diligence.

Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing, explains how it works for B2B lead generation, and why it is a powerful means of engaging with prospects while complementing other marketing activities.

Breathing New Life into a Lost Skill

“Conversation has always been the key to relationship-building, and talking to prospects on the phone should be no different. Using the telephone for lead generation is a sound principle, providing you go about it the right way. [Read More…]

Source: Toucan Telemarketing

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