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Telemarketing ‘The Best Option’ For Online Start-Ups
June 29, 2018 - By: - In: Startup - No comments

New online businesses can benefit more from telemarketing than any other method of promoting themselves, according to a newly published study.

Research in the Small Enterprises Development, Management & Extension Journal (Sedme) looked at the effectiveness of a variety of advertising techniques.

In the study, the research focused on promoting an online student portal, but to an extent its findings can be generalised to any new online start-up business.

“Traditional advertising is costly and [it] would be really hard for young start-ups to invest in advertising,” the authors write.

“Results indicate that telemarketing is the most effective tool of advertising to reach to the target audience for an online student portal and the same observations can be generalised for any online start-up business.” [Read More…]

Source: Toucan Telemarketing

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