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The Karma of Business Growth
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I’ve just read a lovely book. The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Michie. It’s a lovely novel. It is based in the house of the Dalai Lama and sees the world through the eyes of a cat. Aside from the fact that it is a relaxing read, it has quite a few interesting concepts mostly based on Buddhist teachings. Whilst it doesn’t claim to be a book about personal spiritual enlightenment, it does have some nice lessons for us all, especially with regard to living a fulfilled life through committing ourselves to the happiness of others.

The purpose of this blog, though, isn’t to convince readers to change the course of their personal or business lives. It most certainly isn’t to convert anyone to different religious beliefs. Simply, that the more I pass through life, the more I believe in the law of attraction and the rule of karma.

People buy people. We surround ourselves typically with people that share our beliefs, not just religious ones. I’d like to think that we also seek out positive people. It’s probably that those that are less positive attract like-minded souls too. Who said that we should surround ourselves with people like whom we’d aspire to be. Not in a jealous way. Rather in terms of admiration for who they are and what they do. This extends well beyond the business world.

In business, what can we conclude by this? I’d like to think it means that prospects and customers will be attracted to those that are open-minded, confident and positive. Success breeds success. However, if you’re just starting your business and have no customers or you’re going through a bad patch in your business, how do you behave? It’s easy to lapse into a spiral of negative thoughts. It’s hard to be upbeat all of the time. Yet, it is crucial to success.

In corporate terms, goal setting is essential. Consultants and trainers will advise that you won’t achieve a goal you haven’t set and can’t see. I’d go even further and say that if you believe it you’ll be more likely to achieve it. Read any book by successful individuals in different walks of life and there is a common theme. They visualised their success well in advance of achievement.

Positive things happen to positive people. Decision-makers achieve more than procrastinators. Is this the law of attraction? I’d also like to think that behaving in a positive way in life and business generates a certain karma that propels you forward and those decisions and behaviours are factors in success. [Read More…]

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