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Ten ways to generate free publicity

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Media coverage is a blessing for small businesses – as your profile goes up, so will your sales. However, marketing campaigns can be costly. Free publicity is a great way to increase the profile of your small business. While traditional print media still has clout, in a world of “viral” marketing and social media, what other options are […]

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Mobile and text marketing

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The rise of smart phones, apps and mobile internet access has made the mobile phone a key battleground in the fight for new business and customers’ attention. Although the pace of technological change gives you the chance to try innovative techniques and ideas, there are still opportunities for more traditional kinds of mobile marketing, like […]

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Telemarketing can be a very cost-effective approach to sales. Calls are faster and lower cost than visiting customers in person, and at the same time can also be more flexible and compelling than a sales letter. But telesales is also challenging. Successful cold-calling is an art: it can be difficult to get people to listen, […]

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30 Deep Quotes That’ll Make You Sound Smart

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Did you know using quotes in your presentations or meetings has a benefit beyond simply filling that extra slide you didn’t know what to do with? PresentationLoad CEO Tom Becker-Schweitzer says, “The brain automatically links our existing experience with other experiences, thus actively engaging the brain with new content. If you incorporate a captivating quote with […]

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