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Why Customer Experience Matters More Than Ever

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Marketers used to approach customer experience strictly from a campaign-centric perspective. And, frankly, many still do. But this is an old way of thinking about customer experience that comes with severe limitations, resulting in campaigns that are: Disconnected and inconsistent across channels Batch-driven and require the use of hard-to-compile, static data sources Without a contextual […]

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5 Ways for Enterprises to Succeed in Telesales

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At Dreamforce’12, Groupon.com and K12.com joined me on stage to share how they’ve transformed their telesales** operations. The two operations could not be further apart. Groupon.com does automated outbound B2B dialing to merchants around the globe to enroll them for their daily deals business. K12.com, on the other hand, has an inbound B2C callcenter for […]

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The Myths Around B2B Telemarketing

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Exploding the Myths Around B2B Telemarketing Telemarketing is not simply aggressive, persistent cold-calling involving young, inexperienced staff. Used as a systematic B2B marketing tool, it is highly effective. At this level, B2B telemarketing is a specialist skill, which is why, increasingly, many businesses are now outsourcing it to dedicated companies, who can conduct campaigns on […]

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Humans vs. Robots: Why AI Won’t Replace Humans in the Call Center

May 29, 2018 - By: - In: Phone - No comments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Call Centers Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics in call centers today. Strategic debates regarding its application for customer service, the potential for job disruption and the ethical issues surrounding human work displacement are taking place in boardrooms around the globe. But while […]

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