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Energy Choice

If you reside in or operate a business in a deregulated part of the country, you have the ability to pick an energy supplier and get an Energy Price Protection Plan. At Protocall, we help you pick the best Energy Protection Plan for your needs. Your supplier will fix the rate on your monthly bill and if there are any service outages they would be handled by the local utility. Energy choice has given customers the ability to protect their supply costs for a term that meets their requirements. Customers can choose their electricity and natural gas supplier in their area.

Peace of Mind

An Energy Price Protection Plan provides Peace of Mind that your price will be secure no matter what happens in the market and that energy will be delivered to your home or residence by your local utility. It is the best of both worlds.

What is a Price Protection Plan?

What is an Energy Price Protection Plan?

Fixed Low Rate

An Energy Price Protection Plan is a free service that protects the rate a homeowner or business pays for the energy portion of its utility bill.

Keep Costs Down

Utility prices can change quickly with the seasons, the weather, natural disasters, and market demand. A simple fixed rate protects you from these changes, saving you money in the short and long term.

Know What to Expect

You keep the same rate, month after month for the term of your contract despite market fluctuations and energy price changes.

Stay Within Your Budget

When you’re locked in to a fixed low rate, you take control of how much you spend on your energy consumption.



As energy consultants, we pride ourselves on the protection and peace of mind we achieve for small businesses and residential customers.


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